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About Us

The Restaurantservicecenter first opened its doors in 2005, with the Chief Officer as the lead designer and a team of employees. We figured it would be a good idea to add some of the hotel staff to our team, as well as some of the chefs, since they are familiar with the restaurants’ entire environments. Our designer team produces the restaurant’s blue print, which is then accepted by the chefs and the chief officer.Restaurantservicecenter¬† is awarded gold medal for the year 2019.

Our Services

Food Trucks

Food trucks or Mobile restaurants,are simply restaurants on wheels. Food trucks can be seen at markets, parks, and along highways. Food trucks have many benefits over traditional restaurants.You may have problems understanding unique food truck needs, as well as parking issues. All of your questions will be answered by us.We have parking and Car Transforming Authority registrations. If you want us to build your dream restaurant, our team will contact you right away.

Pop-up Restaurants

Pop-up Restaurants operated for a short period in unusual locations, such as on top of a rooftop or in an old warehouse. If you want to open such a restaurant, we can help because we have a lot of experience and expertise in this area. We will share our ideas for designing in an old aircraft, cruise ship, or long car with you and much more.

Fast Food/Drive-thrus

Fast food restaurants are the most well-known restaurant type.If you’re thinking of opening a fast food restaurant, we will assist you in planning and building your dream establishment.


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