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Fashion consumers, in my opinion, have a vital role to play in raising awareness and participation in the global fashion industry’s production. My ambition is to spur global transformation and push the industry’s boundaries. Fashion, in my opinion, can serve as a springboard for social justice. I aspire to be the most open and honest fashion designer of all time. I feel I have the right canvas to support fashion and to be the industry’s most innovative.

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Purses were only worn by early modern Europeans to hold currency. Purses were constructed of soft fabric or leather and were worn by both men and women; the Scottish sporran is an example of this tradition. Young girls were taught stitching as an essential skill for marriage in the 17th century, and it also helped them manufacture really attractive handbags. By the late eighteenth century, European trends had shifted to a slim design for these ornaments, influenced by the shapes of Ancient Greece and Rome. Reticules were created in response to women’s desire for handbags that were not large or disorderly in appearance. Reticules were constructed of rich fabrics like as silk and velvet and were worn on the wrist. The first b


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Handbags aren’t the only carry-on things. After heels, they are the second most important fashion item for ladies. Bold designs with distinctive shapes, brilliant colours, and foreign themes are examples of eye-catching traits. The most sumptuous colours are purple, mint green, and kermes, and they’ll help you build a masterpiece.

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